Peterbilt of Vermont

A family-Owned Business, Serving New England since 1986.

So much of America's economic success relies on getting goods and services from Point A to Point B. Some of those goods and services go by air; some go by rail; some go by ship and barge; but, a majority go by truck and trailer. And when it comes to sales, service and selection for those trucks and trailers, there’s no better choice than Lucky’s Trailers Sales, because we understand the trucking and transportation industry. We stand behind the hardest-working men and women in the transportation industry, the ones who are committed for the long haul and who are driven to keep things moving.

We built the best trailer sales, supply and repair business in New England, because we have a passion to keep America on the road to productivity. Russell “Lucky” Dimmick, Jr. had the original vision over 30 years ago: create a one-stop, full-service truck and trailer business to represent some of the greatest names in trucks, trailers, plows and attachments. Today, a simple glance of our line card will confirm our continued dedication to this principle of quality, durability and dependability.